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Born in last century in Warsaw.Begun his studies in the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Poznań.From 1974 till 1978 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Department of Graphics).Graduatet with distinction from the studios of prof. Andrzej Rudziński and prof.Jerzy Tchórzewski. From 1978 he has been an academic teacher at the Department of Graphics. He currently runs his own studio of printmaking.He exhibitis his paintings and engravings both in Poland and abroad,and his works are owned by museums, galleries and private collections in Poland and worldwide (National Museum in Warsaw, National Library in Warsaw,National Gallery of Art "Zachęta" in Warsaw, Museum of Contemporary Art in Radom,Vaino Aaltonen Museum-Finland, Modern Graphic Art Museum-Norway, Boulderc Fine Arts Center-USA, Krasiński's Library in Warsaw,Academy of Fine Arts Museum in Warsaw).

>>>„PILLOW”. it is something soft, which cushions the head when sleeping . Made of cotton or linen, stuffed with feathers or other soft materials.

Used mainly when resting or sleeping - this is only a short descriprion which
may be found in a dictionary. But it is not mentioned that the pillow is a wittnes to birth, love, life, and death.

The pillow is also a gigant theatrical setting of all dreams,

which gives an unfinished spectacle of time, melting forms and daydreams.

When I portray this onto canvas or metal sheet, I give the onlookers a feeling of spontanious light, material and colour. Because of this everyone may create an ideal form,

he or she feels comfortable with. For those who prefer to categorize, I allow freedom of choice, they can call it
either abstract realism or realistic abstractionism.
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